Black Lives Perspectives Matter


Hate Makes the World Go Round


Purposeful hate.  Black Folks, if you hate America, that's okay;  if you hate White people, that's okay too because your argument(s) are valid.


Unless hate. White Folks, if you hate the American Government, that's alright because the government has failed you; if you hate Black Folks than you are wasting your hate because Black because Black Folks have no control over your lives.  But know this, hate is like an untreated STD, the longer it remains untreated, the sicker you get, and the more contagious it is.


'Hate' is subjective and as long as it does not evolve into behavior that injury other people, it is your God given right to hate whomever or whatever you so desire.  Authority does not prohibit hate unless it creates or promotes social deviance or other crimes.


Let us have a discussion with Black Folks about White Folks, and let us have a discussion with Whites people about White people.


Why like that you may ask yourself?


White folks are the dominate group in The United States, and they control even the government, who are 87%, White.  So Black Folks problems are with White People and with the White American Government.  Blacks also have problems with other Blacks, and we'll come back to that later.


The problem White people have is with their own White Government as well as with each other because Black Folks have no control over affairs of White people.  That is unless White Folks continue the argument of Blacks pushing for policies that favor them or tax dollars of White Folks going towards Black welfare, and/or crimes against White people.  Also, something to discuss.