Black Lives Perspectives Matter



 Book One

The URBAN PATRIOT Unchained - Book One


        A life-shattering story about Karl Anderson, an African American returns home to America from a five-year stay in the Holy Land, Jerusalem Israel, his wife is shot and left for dead at the airport.  Learns of a secret plot that rescinded the fourteenth amendment which legalized slavery of Blacks, Jews, and minorities.  Taken from the airport for reclassification to Camp Hamilton where he is trained to oversee tasks of other minorities, he meets a group of Black resistors who recruit him into the resistance movement called Urban Patriots challenging the new administration's White Supremacist movement.  Seeking information on his wife's condition, a White nurse named Darla who introduces him to Johnathan from the White government resistance group called Downsized.  As the operative for two competing opposition groups, Karl gains access to Washington DC insiders and learns of a greater plot against American minorities and devises a plan to escape the U. S. leaving behind a trail of bodies, deceptions, and family.  An action packed plot literary fiction novel, The Urban Patriot Unchained analyses a Fictitious America under Donald Trump Administration.